I traveled through space.

I recognized a few galaxies along the way. Perhaps I once belonged to them.

Where I ended, I know not. A light took me as once a darkness did before.

I first remember myself. Or a new self.

What was this view I had? Now I see red. Red rocks. Red hills. Red … trees? Red mountains. Red clouds. Red sky.

I’m alone now. Can I breathe? Can I look? Can I feel? Can I taste? Can I count? I can. I’m alive and alone.


01 took stock of his supplies. O2: Low; Env. Prot. : Low; Dist. Scan: Maint. Req; Field Scan: Maint. Req.;

Better take care of those he thought. Field tool in hand. He took aim at a miasma-spewing red plant and fired. The carbon energy ejected from the intense heat of his blaster and he collected it to power his suit.

Now let’s take care of this oxygen. He took steps forward before the alarms started buzzing. Environmental protection is low. He replied vocally I hear you. His molecule scanner still seemed to function properly though he knew he had to use the device sparingly to conserve suit energy. He pushed an activation key and the small laser detector swerved its lense slowly up the horizon and back from holster on his belt. The nearest oxygen-producing resource seemed be in a cave nearby. A good thing since the cave would also provide adequate protection from the environment.

The alarm went off again and 01 observed dark purple clouds coming from a easterly direction. He began his way to the cave. Slow hums from a jetpack helped him descend small hills or leap over impeding geography or flora.

Hanging from the corner of the mouth of the cave he came upon what looked like a blue fungus. He considered it closely for a while. He knew what he would have to do with it but regretted Boy, wish I could scan this stuff in. Doctors would love this. He would have to remember where he found it and he would have to leave enough to digitally identify later. Still he recovered his field tool, directed it at the fungus, and it started to burn. A steam gave off and inflated small pouches on his suit. A short process converted it to safely provide life-giving gas to himself.

Not enough. He would have to go in the caves to look for more. The purple clouds swirled toward him. Orange tinges roped around the corners and flared with patches of yellow and dust. He lumbered into the cave and the alerts stopped.

A windless chasm was before him. He wished to use the molecule scanner again but it was still recharging. Into the depths he thought.  He walked deeper inside.

Just when he felt comfortable that caves might provide safety, an organism, clearly an organism to 01, ejected a grey humid cloud. It stuck to his suit in droplets. His EP suit blared rejection to 01. EV SUIT COMPROMISEDHe sprinted forward to escape. More fungus rested in an alcove of the large chamber he was in. He took a firing posture and burned it away.

Deeper into the cave, still finding only enough patches to fund her oxygen up to the next small colony. He would need more. Need to be careful. This is a dangerous world.